Next-Generation Hope

It is a well-known reality that social discrimination based on gender, untouchability, caste system, social class, and religion exists among people quite deep rooted to the Nepalese society. This practice strongly laden by strong ones to the weaker ones in old times still persists in Nepal and its neighboring countries. Some Nepalese are so proud about this and do not hesitate to embrace that calling that as “well-cultured”, the culture where disparity with people with good social position will always be good, and people with lower position be put down.

We got a chance to meet many young people while being involved in different activities within these few months. And it is, however, a sheer optimism to see the changes is happening, slowly young generation is changing, and it is a change for good. Working hard on earthquake relief and help they are gathering, this generation believes that it is not necessary to follow all the foreign culture and we should be proud of our language, literature, music, food, heritage, things that make us “Nepalese” and create a self-respect on who we are. They have a feeling that with this bias and inequity, we will always be divided and we will never be able to look at another person as a human being. These are the next-Generation Nepal, a Hope from Nepal.


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