A mark of a month since the earthquake hit.

It’s been exactly one month mark since the first devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake striked in Nepal, killing more than 8600 people. This quake, on April 25, hit almost all parts of Nepal including some part in India and China, but few districts have been affected severely. This mass damage not only ruin houses killing many people but made thousands of homeless families and orphan children. Because of this big earthquake, unsettled earth has caused many big and small after- shock and thus people are uncertain and scared with the shocks that occur now and then. Media and experts nevertheless assured people that there is less possibility for a big shock. Days after the first quake, people started to get back to their normal lives still in fear. However on May 12, a second major tremor hits the country tearing down the remaining infrastructure and hundreds of people died.  The landslide caused by a quake in a hilly region of the country has created fear and risk for the whole village and have been displaced to a nearby safe location.


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